52 weeks of photo challenge

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18. Holiday Spirit

Went to the Florida Botanical Gardens Christmas lighting ceremony.  The displays were beautiful.  Here are a few I have chosen from the numerous ones I took.



44. Someone Working

These were taken at the Watercress Farms.  This is showing women removing weeds from the lettuce.  These rows of lettuce go into making the Spring Mix that you can buy in the supermarket.  All the work is done by hand to avoid any contamination.  It was very interesting to hear the lengths they go to prevent any kind of contamination (including animal and human).


This picture was taken at Utopia Farms packing plant.  Workers were packing cucumbers that are grown on the farm.  They also grow and package green peppers.


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19. Horses and Humans

These pictures were taken while on a Farm Tour around Manatee County.  We visited H & H Nursery, SMR Farm, Hunsader Farms, Utopia Farms, and Watercress Farms.  Watercress Farms was amazing.  They ship over 500 tons/year of watercress to England.  There entire crop is shipped overseas, and they harvest and ship every day. We were told that within 72 hrs of harvesting,  the watercress is in the stores in England.  We were given a sample of watercress.  It has a mild  horseradish flavor. Good on sandwiches.



These pictures were taken at the Arcadia Rodeo.  Love going every year because I get great action shots.